Announcing the Desafio Intel 2013 SemiFinalists

We are very proud to present to you the top start-ups in each of the following countries. These teams are invited to local pitch events in order to compete to become a Desafio Intel Finalist, winning a trip and scholarship to theYouNoodle Camp in July.

(please note that these are in alphabetical order, not ranked)



  • – is an application that offers a new and safer way to ask for a cab through mobile applications for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone and also through the Web. It’s easy to use, fast and completely free for the users. Now you can ask for a cab anytime, anywhere.
  • ElectroSmart – ELECTROSMART is a small, low cost, and high quality 12-lead cardio signal processor, which connects via Bluetooth to any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) allowing the display, analysis, and transmission of the cardiac signal. It is marketable both as medical and veterinarian devices.
  • emett – emett is a financial platform for brokerage firms. It allows users to manage and optimize multiple portfolios in one platform for all devices: PC, Tablets and Smartphones. Helping improve the efficiency and scalability of brokerage firms.
  • GoD – Games on Demand – Multi-platform videogames rental service, stored in the cloud and available through any device. The competitive advantages of the project are: 100% digital distribution; we avoid the use of consoles; we avoid physical storage and permit more gaming experience because the rental methodology, among others.
  • La Gran Inmobiliaria – LaGranInmobiliaria is a revolutionary real estate search engine for LatinAmerica. We provide consumers super detailed information and statistics for free through a user-friendly platform. For agents we offer much more client reach and leads, and many integrated exclusive services like customized websites, rental administration, CRM and Real Estate insights.
  • Locus Technologies – Locus Technologies is a tech company that develops applications for the location industry focused on solutions for Smart Cities. Its product “ParkMob” is a system for metered public parking management that exploits the generated information to provide innovative services useful for municipalities and end users.
  • Sk8trakr – Sk8Trakr is a mobile app that allows skaters to track their tricks in real-time. The application reads data measured by a tracking device  (attached to the skateboard) and sends it to the skater’s smartphone. The app will tell the skater which trick he performed and how well was performed.
  • TopicFlower – TopicFlower is a visual mechanism that identifies main topics of conversation and offers actionable insights to know how to talk to a community.
  • Vecindalo – Vecindalo is an online marketplace that helps users hire local service providers in the major cities of Latin America. It seeks to disrupt the hiring of service providers, shortening the hiring cycle by 3x, and providing currently unavailable information about quality and reliability of service providers.
  • WeHaus – Home Automation Made Simple – Value added service for telcos.



  • Can Game A Proposal for Multidisciplinary Software for People with Autism – This led to developing software, on a multi-disciplinary basis, for treating autism.the use of technologies Kinect Mobile (wp7) was very important, since these are regarded as enhancing cognitive development etiologically and above all because their use reduces agitation, aggression and irritability in autistic children.
  • Carona – A mobile application which encourages random people to give and take lifts. By rewarding users as they give rides and incorporating an easy and quick interaction, the system aims to promote both regular and occasional rides among its users.
  • Domotic Center  – Domotic Center develops wireless products related to comfort, security and sustainability in the field of home automation, which allows to control, on smartphones, tablets and computers almost any device of a home, building or company at a reasonable price.
  • Eadbox – Eadbox is a SaaS e-commerce platform specific for online courses. Our target is education enterprises and organizations. With Eadbox, authors have a whole set of tools to build their educational products. Besides, layout and brand are totally customizable, as our costumers demand.
  • Gloriosos – Our startup is developing an OptoElectroMechanical system to analysis fluids and gas by measuring refraction index using a high sensibility method patented by UNICAMP. Our system is the solution for fuel-optimized engine control for fuel quality, required by the automaker to get efficiency and performance demand by the government.
  • Great on Me – With Great on Me people will shop online for clothing with no fear of picking the wrong size, no matter what brand or model it is.
  • Já entendi – Já entendi (I’ve Got) is a startup educational intelligence directed at high school students, pre-college and focused on ENEM. The portal offers  video lessons prepared and produced differently. We aim to be different, so we believe it is easier to understand. Anyway, sell interest in studies.
  • Lab Synapse – Lab Synapse is a online free software that helps scientsts to manage their labs, find project partners, offer services and compare products and vendors rated by colleagues.
  • MyWeenkel – MyWeenkel is a commercial network website that allows people to use the power and reliability of its own network to exchange goods and make business. Used to advertise products and services intended to be bought, sold, exchanged, donated, provided or contracted.
  • Tawboard – Tawboard is a second generation of digital whiteboard. It works as an ordinary chalkboard where an optical pen, working on a projection screen, makes the chalk’s function with a virtual computer’s desktop, inside that board, making the connection with the digital world.



  • AGRIMAPS – AGRIMAPS is the first “Social Global Agricultural Map”. It is a powerful platform as well as a smartphone application that allows all participants of the agriculture distribution chain to position themselves, as well as promote and interact globally. AGRIMAPS also allows consumers to trace their food back to the orchards.
  • BenchBanking – Benchbanking is an online lending marketplace with presence in LatAm that lets users quote and get the right loan in only one place. Our technology offer an integral solution to banks; quality and filtered leads, market research and business intelligence tools, so they can take better business decisions
  • Eduquia – Eduquia is an online platform that goes along with you recording and processing your academic activity and providing you a set of applications to help you learn in different ways.
  • First Job – The new standard for the first job search, using Employer Branding for attracting and recruiting graduates.
  • InterEdu – Real time, collaborative exam preparation through mobile device,-Tablet-Smart TV in a class room with Whiteboard interaction using smart algorithm.
  • Mindscore – Mindscore is the first platform directed at musicians, that makes delivery and storage of ideas, and the collaboration of “music inspiration” more efficient, for both music aficionados and professionals. It gathers the best characteristics of other applications,like Evernote and Dropbox, in order to facilitate coordinating actions for musical content.
  • Mobile Monitoring Station – Measurement of worker-related variables, such as heart rate or air pollutants is usually done with fixed sensors. This limits the spatial coverage and does not give a true picture of the workers status. We propose gathering this information with wearable sensors and upload readings to a centralized cloud service.
  • Placetribe – Placetribe is a geosocial application. It is displayed in a map, and as a user you can chat and see your Facebook friends connected in the map, create groups (tribes) with common interests and mark places or events that you can share with your tribes.
  • Smartour APP – Smartour is the new way of touring being the first Mobile Tourism Agency. It offers all the information the visitor needs and opens a new m-commerce channel, supporting the ‘’on the go tourists’’. Smartour looks forward to guide the most avid tourists along the path of perusing their dream experience.
  • Street Cred – Street Cred gives you the ability to quickly document what you borrowed/loaned and who the recipient/owner is. Have fun with your friends! Establish return clauses, connect it to social networks and your friends overall conduct will determine their final street reputation.



  • – a b2c pet supply ecommerce that integrates inbound mkng, callcenter and micrologistics in LatinAmerican. Delivering a model that solves payment, logistics and trust in order to massify new channel.
  • EasyParking – EasyParking is an app that allows real-time interaction between drivers and parking establishments to show you availability, costs and GPS location so that you can always find a place to park.
  • Grocery Glee – Grocery Glee replicates the experience of Brick and Mortar shopping into the mobile space, breaking down the barriers between physical and digital retail and dramatically improving the shopping experience for consumers.
  • Kapaka Hypertoys – Kapaka Hypertoys:Tato-Toy”Your First Virtual Friend”, is a Toy Doll that virtually gets alive trough a screen on its own 3D educational Videogame.  Tato-Toy is a control for his 3D avatar.
  • Lynks Ingenieria – Lynks Ingenieria is a pioneering startup developing key technologies for the Water Resource Management in the agroindustry. Our solutions improve the use of water in irrigation by implementing three strategies (measurement, control and optimization), which generate savings up to 30% (ca. $ 10 million USD a year, only in Colombia).
  • Novahand project – Novahand project, is a low cost, high functionality prosthetic arm,  with the potencial to  change the lifestyle of the people who have lost their hands.
  • Palco – PALCO is a marketplace that connects musicians with music from around the world. At PALCO arrangers can upload high quality scores and musicians can find sheet music and customize it to their own needs. All is done quickly and easily from any connected device.
  • Rolem – Rolem is a company created for gamers, by gamers. We design, assemble and sell PC Gaming Desktops specialized for the most demanding users and unlike similar companies we focus on offering the best balance between performance, design, quality and price, depending on the customer’s preferences, minimizing any possible performance bottleneck.
  • Whelmo – Wireless Health Monitor for Babies – Whelmo is a light weight bracelet to wirelessly monitor harms to a baby’s health. Whelmo can measure the baby’s heart rate, blood oxygen level and location, and send the information to a mobile device. Whelmo will help you protect your baby when you can’t be at his side.
  • Yimup – Yimup is a cloud-based platform that empowers the new generation of audiovisual creators (musicians, filmmakers, writers) by providing them with cloud based IT Solutions, so they can easily manage the Promotion, Engagement and Monetization of their work directly to their fans with no middleman.


Costa Rica

  • Milton Villegas-Lemus – Develop a prototype of a low cost unattended camera recording system. This product is oriented to record academic lectures with minimal edition to publish the classes on internet or in an intranet, using simultaneously multiple cameras, tracking system, gesture recognition running embedded on a system with an Atom processor.
  • Parko – Parko is a state-of-the-art parking payments platform that allows you to pay for your parking space using your cellphone, without the need to use regular and old-fashioned parking tickets.
  • Sistema Inteligente de Gestión Vehicular SIGV – The SIGV is a confluence of technologies that enable traffic to be smart and efficient, avoiding traffic jams, minimizing accidents, avoiding the possibilities of vehicle theft and enabling traffic authorities to have real time control of the streets.
  • Treo electric vehicle – The Treo is an electric vehicle used to move around in urban environments, designed primarily patroling. It is also an eco-friendly and innovative option for urban and recreational mobility. It has a two-passenger capacity, designed to function in crowded places, zero emissions, simple to use, stable, resistant, efficient.
  • Virtual Therapist System – Some physical rehabilitation patients perform their routines without proper control, causing that the exercises are not done correctly and generating further injuries or the prolongation of it. Virtual Therapist is an innovative tool that improves the quality of the care in the clinics and reduces recovery time for patients.



  • Bee Kind – Bee Kind is an social platform promoting a smart scheme to link donors with altruist organizations and increase the rate of successful donations. BeeKind is a competitive and exciting environment based on rewards that make the donation experience fun, challenging and engaging, increasing the chances to help people in need.
  • CAMINA (Computer Analysis of Movement by Image and Numerical Algorithms) – Diagnosis of human movement disorders is performed by visual inspection of the patient. The disadvantage of this evaluation is the lack of objectivity because its dependency on the experience of the physician. We propose a low-cost tool based on image analysis which will reduce the subjectivity of the diagnosis.
  • EMOSpeech – We develop applications based on speech emotion recognition; our first product is a speech analytics platform. Less than 1% of recorded calls at call centers are analyzed; some of the reasons for this include the volume of calls received and because the auditing process is costly and time consuming.
  • Eyehunt – Eyehunt is a smart platform that recommends and matches, through it’s own algorithm, qualified candidates from the creative fields (Architecture, art, design, photography, video, web) with the best job opportunities in Mexico.
  • RankTab – Insights from your crowd! – RankTab will disrupt enterprise and community social decision-making by introducing the world’s first visual crowd intelligence engine.
  • Schoolcontrol – SchoolControl is a communication platform through which teachers, students and parents can find school information, such as: grades, announcements, calendars, events, reports, tasks, homework and details about the academic performance of the student. Access to all this information, using any desktop, mobile devices such as, iPhones, iPads, WP7s, & Blackberries.
  • SmartDomes – SmartDomes are protected agriculture environments powered by solar photovoltaic energy that implements last generation hardware and software to operate autonomously. The hardware is based on wireless sensor networks and open source controllers, while the control-monitoring software runs on the WEB 2.0 and mobile platforms with the support of Cloud Services.
  • Worldwide donations platform though mobile phones – Collecting money for charity from cell phones outside the USA is close to impossible for most NGOs. We are creating the Paypal of mobile donations where charitable NGOs can register and receive donations billed to the donors’ cell phone in over 80+ countries worldwide.
  • Xeen Technologies – We believe in applying innovative technologies to solve problems of mobility and health for people with disabilities.One of our first products is the project we have called “Roboesqueleto” consisting of a robotic suit that allows a person with paraplegia rise from his wheelchair and walk again.
  • XP Médico – A Platform of Medical Information  where patients can make a doctor’s appointment online, and doctors can manage the clinical information of their patients anytime and everywhere as necessary.



  • – Online scheduling and payment of soccer fields for users, integrated with an online management system with POS and business dashboard for the soccer camps. Replicable to other sports (Tennis, basketball, etc) as well as other industries (Hotels, restaurants).
  • Dipoo – Web and mobile platform to find all the benefits you get companies as customers and as employees.. Customers and employees have access at their benefits in real time in their smartphones and web site. Available in iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Web.
  • DUHEM -DUHEM is the first Peruvian community commerce for social consumers and cause-oriented brands. DUHEM gathers the coolest socially conscious brands and products that give back to society on a single and innovative e-commerce platform ( All products directly support a social cause like education, health, environment, human rights or development.
  • FractalUp – There is no clear order when learning in the noisy world of education. eLearners need a guide map and good quality content. FractalUp assists your learning search with graphical paths. It’s more precise than googling and less tedious than wikis, because it shows your position, using a Dynamic EdTech Engine.
  • Peoples Voice – Let the people be aware of how their government is using their resources and give them a platform to map the problems and propose projects that are most important for their cities in a structured and localized way integrating many information sources helping them to make better decisions
  • – An intelligent web platform for companies and startups that matches talented engineers from top universities with companies and job opportunities, using a proprietary technical skills validation system, with advanced search, rankings, ratings, recommendations, an online community of engineers sorted by skilles with content, online courses and reference matching algorithms.
  • Sembraire – Sembraire allows people and companies to offset their carbon footprint in an accessible, user friendly manner. They´ll be able to measure their footprint, acquire products to compensate it, visualize their evolution, educate and inform themselves on these matters and share with the world their concerns for the environment.
  • Streetdom – Streetdom is a next-gen mobile game where people can learn while playing a role in an adventure. The best adventure of your life.
  • – An online marketplace that links people displacements with shipping needs by taking advantage of our trips to offer retailer courier services
  • – is an online marketplace that is changing the way we discover and buy fashion apparel products. It’s an online meeting point between buyers and sellers and their experience is complemented by the social aspect that the community delivers: a place to share and discover trends and street style.
  • – is the first e-commerce in LatAm with a huge component of community where mothers can have a great shopping experience, while finding a variety of products and sharing life experiences with others.


Latin America General

  • Appetite+ Discover apps with friends (Venezuela) – Have you ever wondered what apps your friends have? Or what apps they actually like? How about a better way to discover cool new apps? Appetite+ is a social network for app-discovery that allows you to see into your friends Iphone to find great apps they use.
  • CUBIC  (Ecuador) – Improve the quality of life for those who take medicine, making the efficiency of the drug is superior and more effective. This tool is activated through an Internet portal that sends messages to mobile with prescribed medication in doses scheduled hours and by the physician and / or laboratory.
  • Flatbox (Guatemala) – We are making a platform for connecting the things that people love, with themselves using sensors and Bluetooth low energy technology.
  • Mario (Bolivia) – A mobile application that can find different’s kinds of activities (different courses, gym…), georeference the places and give to the users detail information (prices, options of activities, schedules, promotions and others), With time the application will learn about the user, personalized service (about their likes).
  • Pacha (Bolivia) – Create a tool that makes farmers live easier by enabling them to obtain data about their fields and crops at anytime


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