[Hibernate] NonUniqueObjectException: a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session


Cuando saveOrUpdate() es llamado desde la plantilla de hibernate, se da la siguiente exception.


  1. Utilizar merge() en lugar  de saveOrUpdate()o sino
  2. Cargar el objeto antes de setear los nuevos y luego llamar a  saveOrUpdate()



Tienes 2 objetos: una en otra sesión y se intenta guardar los cuales tienen el mismo identificador.

El objeto objX1 ya está en la sesión, si usted a intentado guardar llamando al metodo saveOrUpdate().

De Cuando saveOrUpdate() es Llamado Por objX2, ya existe un objeto, objX1, asociada en la sesión con el mismo identificador (id = 1) y se produce una excepción.

1 – merge()

Una forma sencilla de solucionar este problema es utilizar merge() en vez de saveorupdate().

The merge() method copy the state (value=b) of object objX2 to persistent instance, objX1. But it does not attach objX2 into session.

2 – load and set the value()

If you don’t want to or cannot use merge() , load and set the value to call saveOrUpdate().

MyObject objX2 = new MyObject(1);



The above code may give the NonUniqueObjectException. So we load and set the value as following

MyObject objX2 = hibernateTemplate.get(objX2.class,new Integer(1));

if (objX2 == null){

objX2 = new MyObject(1);




load() method will throw ObjectNotFoundException if no record found in database and thus get() method is used instead.

For the above code, objX2 is actually pointing to objX1 if there is already an object associated with the session.

Automatic State Detection

According to “Automatic state detection


 does the following:

  • if the object is already persistent in this session, do nothing
  • if another object associated with the session has the same identifier, throw an exception
  • if the object has no identifier property, 


  • if the object’s identifier has the value assigned to a newly instantiated object, 


  • if the object is versioned (by a 



    ), and the version property value is the same value assigned to a newly instantiated object, 



  • otherwise 

     the object



 is very different:

  • if there is a persistent instance with the same identifier currently associated with the session, copy the state of the given object onto the persistent instance
  • if there is no persistent instance currently associated with the session, try to load it from the database, or create a new persistent instance
  • the persistent instance is returned
  • the given instance does not become associated with the session, it remains detached

Fuente: http://pro-programmers.blogspot.com/2009/03/hibernate-nonuniqueobjectexception.html