Infografia: Internet en América Latina

Again, via Quora, I found the infographic below (original link here).  It comes from Tendencias Digitales (Digital Trends), a Venezuelan market research firm.  It’s in Spanish, but I will break out some of the more interesting points below (and a lot of it is self-explanatory even for non-Spanish speakers).

  • Internet penetration in Latin America is highest in Chile (58%), Colombia (50%), Brazil (38%), Venezuela (37%) and Mexico (34%).  (No explanation for the exclusion of Argentina!)  What is more interesting to me is that as recently as 2003, Internet penetration in Latin America was as low as 10%, while 2012 projections call for it to be 40% — that’s some serious growth.
  • More economically developed countries (e.g. Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela) are more likely to use the Internet for commerce and high-end smartphone functions (e.g. GPS) while less economically developed countries (e.g. Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Peru) are more likely to use the Internet for more basic functions (e.g. email, social networking, videos)
  • Use of the Internet for social networking and news are on the rise, while use of the Internet for email and social networking was actually down.
  • Use of the Internet to make travel reservations grew over 150% last year.  VoIP also grew over 140%.
  • Uruguayans are inexplicably the biggest tweeters.
  • Chileans are by a wide margin the most avid users of Facebook.
  • Across Latin America, approximately 97% of the population has a mobile phone.  SMS is far and away the most popular feature.
  • Tablet (e.g. iPad usage) is still very low — 5% — but growing.
  • Desktop, laptop and netbook use is declining, giving way to tablets and e-readers.