Magento: “404 Error Page not found.” in Configuration

Occasionally after installing an extensions, including Fanplayr, and trying to go to its related configuration page you will come across a “404 Error Page not found.”

There are a few things to try when you get this error. They are, in order of severity:

  • Log out, then log back in
  • Flush Magento Cache
  • Reset your Administrator Roles

The first is self explanatory. Simply log out of your Magento admin area, then log back in. Hopefully this will reset some of your soft cache, and you will now be able to access your config page.

If this does not work for you, we can Flush the Magento Cache.

  1. Go to System -> Cache Management
  2. Click the Clear Magento Cache button.
  3. Then log out, and log back in. You should now be access your configuration page.

If you still get the 404 Error, then you may have to go further and manually Reset your Administrator Roles.

  1. Go to System -> Permissions -> Roles
  2. Now click on the Administrator Role row in the list. There may only be one item listed, or maybe more.
  3. Click the Role Users item on the left, then the Reset Filter button on the right. Lastly click the Save Role button at the top right.
  4. Now go through the process of Flushing Magento Cache, and again log out and log back in.

Hopefully one of these techniques will fix your problem. Very occasionally we have found people will still have the 404 Error after trying all of these solutions. If so, get in contact with us and we will help you as best we can.